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Stu is now working at The Cabin Chiang Mai ( & still does one hour and half hour Skype sessions and phone call information sessions from Chiang Mai, Thailand to support individuals and families experiencing addiction challenges and needing rehab direction and information in Australia. This includes referral to reputable drug and alcohol professionals in Australia - especially in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide areas.

If you want to know more about The Cabin Chiang Mai treatment facility feel free to call Stu on + 66 6 45757627.

For GLBTI clients please contact Stu for information regarding RESORT 12 the all new GLBTI specific 20 bed facility opening November 1st, 2017 in Chiang Mai catering for individuals with addiction problems, trauma, mental health concerns, Chem sex issues, body image issues, self esteem, sexuality and relationship problems. (

  • +66 6 45757627

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Call Stu +66 6 45757627.

  • +66 6 45757627