Client Overseas Support

As many of my clients travel overseas often for work and understand the importnace of staying consistent in therapy I offer the opportunity to connect with me on skype and for those not so techno savvy by phone also.



Some sessions entail life coaching and focus work around self esteem and assertiveness. If you have a specific goal you want to achieve, we can work on goal setting and on processing blocks to achieving goals. We can also explore your old core beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck in 'not achieving' and create new ones together to attain greater outcomes. These sessions may only require 2-6 visits in the lead up to the event and can be bought as a package.

Support and Counselling for Family and Friends of Addicts

How Do you support them without enabling their dysfunctional behaviours?

Many family members don't know how to support an addict without being drawn into the madness and chaos associated with their behaviour.

In our sessions we will look at strategies and plans to support your loved one in a 'firm but fair' way. We look at a dynamic called the 'Karpman Triangle' that makes clear how to stay out of victim, persecuter and enabling behaviours and that take you into the solution of supporting your loved one into treatment. If they are unwilling to look at treatment then we will look at ways that you can support yourself while their behaviour is ongoing and is impacting you and others close to you.

There is no reason why you need to go through this with out professional guidance and support.